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I can't swear this is exactly how it happened. But this is how it felt.

January 30th, 2010

Health Crap

After all these appointments over the last 45 days, they think they've diagnosed me with something called interstitial cystitis. I'll let you know when I figure out the exact pronunciation. We're just calling it IC around the house. (And a slew of other bad words, but this is not an R rated blog.) :) I have to have a procedure done under general anesthesia on Thursday morning, so last night I had a regular physical to make sure I'm safe to go under. It took about 5 minutes for him to look in my ears, nose, eyes, and throat and to listen to my lungs, heart, and abdomen. Combined with my totally average bloodwork, I was deemed good to go.

Happy thoughts are appreciated. The idea of general anesthesia is good - because if a dr wants to put you to sleep to help you avoid pain, I think you should appreciate it. But it's still scary!

The diet associated with this lovely "disease of the bladder" is pretty restrictive. The only things I can drink right now are water (straight up - no lemon) and milk. If I feel so inclined, I can add blueberry juice or pear juice. I have not yet been so inclined. :) I can eat certain meats, but can't add seasonings. I can eat starches and a few vegetables, but no fruit. After awhile, I'm allowed to add in a couple things at a time to test how I react, but certain things I'm supposed to avoid always. LUCKILY, a lot of things are already things I couldn't eat cuase of my migraines, like caffeine and artifical sweeteners. Those are the things most people seems to have the hardest time eliminating, so I'm ahead of the game! :)

We were going to go to Trader Joes today to stock up on stuff on the OK list, but the snow kinda hit out of nowhere. Jeff was coming to visit us and had to park at Target and walk because cars were stuck on the hill and nobody could get out of the shopping center! So hopefully we'll get plowed out tonight so I can go get some food tomorrow. Today I had biquick biscuits for breakfast and the 3 of us made breakfast for dinner because eggs and pancakes are on the OK list. :)

January 1st, 2010


I saw a great documentary today called "Show Business." It was filmed over the broadway season of 03-04 and followed 4 shows from rehearsal to Tony night - Taboo, Caroline or Change, Avenue Q, and Wicked. I already knew who won the big Tonys that year and I remembered some of the drama with Rosie O'Donnell and Taboo so I had a little background knowledge and I recognized people throughout the show so that probably helped. I thought it was awesome! We got to see rehearsals, tech stuff, costume design, and they even filmed a conversation from early in the season and right before Tony time between several theater critics. Fun.

Almost every show I've seen was over the last 10 years ... I saw Phantom in middle school, Grease and Crazy for You in high school, and Les Mis, Miss Siagon and Rent (the first 4x) in early college. But then it totally exploded. Probably because I had a job, a way to get to NY, season tickets in Baltimore, and the money to finance my desire to see shows. :)

I probably won't see as much stuff in the next decade which is a little sad. But I guess your 20's are all about getting to do what you want to do once you have the money to do it. I did a lot of traveling this decade as well. (It's nice to be born in a "9" year because then my age kind of aligns with decades.) But now I'm married and we're looking for this elusive house that will be the one we stay in for awhile and we'll start a family ... so this decade looks to be a busy one! Crazy that I'll be 40 by the end of it. That causes a little panic in my tummy. :)

December 31st, 2009

The Decade

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Year in Review

I learned how to do major home improvement when the toilet seal broke and leaked (clean, thankfully!) water into the tiles and floorboards. We replaced the toilet and I tiled the bathroom all by myself! My mother came on the 31st, marking the 1st of many months that we would see her at least one day. We also got a new front door.

Super Bowl in our freezing cold basement with our big TV. My mom was here for it - so that makes 2 months! I did a lot of gym time in February with my personal trainer as my school played biggest loser. The Yankee Years book came out with much drama. Spring Training started without Moose for the first time since middle school! My smart board got installed at school. WOohoo!

I got to watch our kids compete in their DI tournament. We went to David & Shayna's wedding. We started dragging things to Goodwill on a regular basis as part of our house preparations. Also, we booked a storage locker and FILLED it. We said goodbye to ER.

My mom came again (3rd month!) and staged our house. She built a wall and replaced lights. We saw Billy Elliot on Broadway which was fantastic. We went to Disney for the weekend when the rocket launch got postponed. THere were no lines and Disney was fantastic. We got a new hot water heater. We got new carpet.

We put the house on the market. I scooped kitty litter every day. Took one of my kids on the 4th grade field trip to Annapolis. Celebrated Linda's 30th birthday.

Celebrated one year of marriage at Fogo. We got a contract on the house. We failed to find a house to buy. (Amazing that the insanity and the emotions of that month can be summed up in 2 sentences!) My mom came (4th month)and we celebrated my birthday early with Mike's parents. Found an apartment. It got rented out from under us. Found another apartment. It too got rented out from under us.

Found a real apartment. Signed a lease. Saw my mom (5th month) for a day at both the beginning and end of the month. Went to Hawaii! Celebrated Patti's birthday at the luau. Switched islands. Turned 30. Settled on the house. Moved into the apartment.

Mom (6th month) & brother brought me the car I bought from my dad. Went to an O's game and got a free shirt and all you could eat food. Visited Cooperstown for the first time for my birthday. Watched fireworks from our hotel room. Went to the pool whenever it was open, which was rarely. School started.

Tried to buy a house. Went several steps into the buying process. People went insane and wanted to rent back and not pay us. We told them we couldn't afford to pay for both rent and mortgage while they lived there for free. They told us it was a deal breaker. The deal broke. My mom (7th month) and dad both came for a week for my mom's Dr's appointments.

First time I presented at a professional conference. Got together with far away friends a couple different times. (Different far away friends!)

Celebrated Sarah's 30th birthday with a chocolate milk bath and massages. Saw Straight No Chaser with Mike. Mike had a birthday as well. Gave him a Ravens jersey which continued my team cheering curse as Ed Reed got broken right after I gave Mike the Jersey.

Snow gave us a 2 week Christmas break. We went to AZ to see my mom (8th month) and dad and brother. We ate at the famous hot dog place, a famous mexican place, a sushi place, and a cowboy steak house.

As you can see, the 2nd half of our year was pretty un-eventful. We're hoping to improve that as the new year begins.

December 22nd, 2009

Facebook Statuses 2009

Wordle: Untitled

December 5th, 2009

We went to our local pizza place for dinner tonight. It's usually pretty empty because although they have seats, most of their business is delivery. They have a building that very obviously used to be a Wawa but they have tried desperately to make the inside look NOT like that. :) My personal favorite quirk is that some of the big tables are built on the base of one of the old fashioned sewing machines with the pedal that you can swing back and forth.

Anyway, I digress.

Mike had been watching the Florida/Alabama game before we left home, and asked the waitress if she could "Please turn on CBS." First of all, I was amazed that he asked because that's not something he would usually do, even if we WERE the only people there and watching the television. :)

She said sure, and walked over to the television and grabbed the remote. She just started scrolling up one channel at a time. It was direcTV so we couldn't just say, "Please turn on channel X," because we would have to help her out. After she had scrolled from channel 200 something to channel 400 something, she switched to the Guide and did the same thing until she got to the 600's. Then she asked the bus boy to help. He did the same thing she had just done, but in reverse back down to the 200's. Then he finds a "search" function on the guide and types in "CBS." The only thing that came up was CBS sports. So the bus boy walks over and says, "I looked and it seems all we have is CBS sports. Is that ok?" And I said, "Oh that's fine he just wanted to watch the game that was on channel 13 at home."

He looked at us. His eyes lit up with understanding. (I'm a teacher, I know that look.)

"OH! Channel 13! Isn't that WJZ?"

Two clicks later, the game was on.

I felt bad that we confused them so much. ;)

November 25th, 2009

When I'm Rich...

This is a picture of a bathroom in one of the big suites on the new Oasis of the Seas. Someday I'll be rich enough to vacation in this kind of stateroom!!!!!!! This room, no joke, is bigger than our bedroom!
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November 15th, 2009

The Hubby is Home

Mike got home a little while ago from his weekend away. My silence interspersed with girly movies has given away to football once again. Yesterday I watched such Oscar caliber films as "First Daughter" and "Little Black Book." Oh yeah, high quality stuff. I also graded a TON of papers, edited a movie for the guidance counselor that we taped on Friday, bought some clothes, bought and made a baby present for my work friend, made some cards, went to stamping class and made some more cards, went to Target and Walmart, got my stuff ready for my meeting Wednesday night, and slept 2 whole nights. Busy weekend!
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